I have developed this website in an attempt to provide a valuable resource for the teaching and learning of Question 1 in the Leaving Cert Construction Studies Papers. 

I hope that this blog will offer the users of the site a chance to raise any feedback/issues that they may have in relation to the site.

I would appreciate any feedback in relation to:
-Your overall website experience
-The design of the website
-Website navigation
-Information you feel would improve the website
-Effectiveness of site as a learning tool
-Any questions or queries?
-Any other feedback you wish to offer

3/29/2013 07:51:10 am

Why do you not include any blinding above the hardcore and then place your radon barrier on top, this tends to change as reg are changed and the order in which material fall into place are never always the same even in some of the solutions overvghe years...... can you explain why this is....is there any current correct way to place materials in correct format....



Ciaran O'Dowd
4/11/2013 09:48:39 pm

Hi Colm,

Just saw your website and very impressed, congrats!

Great resource and very helpful information for both students and teachers. Very well done to you and all involved. Keep up the great work and all the best.

Ciarán O'Dowd

Donnchadh Keneally
5/24/2013 09:24:07 pm

Hi colm
Im a huge fan of the website. Only found out about it yesterday and already it has been a great help in revising for my leaving cert.

11/25/2014 07:59:34 pm

Took the post about Piled Foundation

5/11/2016 12:42:10 pm

Hi, I was just wondering, is there a drawing of floor details, such as a suspended timber floor etc. I didn't come across this drawing on your website, have you it done? or is there even a possibility that it would come up on the exam

9/5/2016 06:19:49 pm

Thanks for this, great resource.

11/18/2016 10:53:52 am

Good site, liked all of the info. Looking forward to updates!

1/20/2021 09:12:01 pm

Hmm this is awfully unique information present in the blog, I really love reading this.

10/26/2021 01:34:38 am

Thank you for sharing this, it looks great!


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